Please Note: Unfortunately I have had to remove the email contact form as my emails are going to junk and not getting picked up by customers! Please use Whatsapp (phone number 07891 667167) if you wish to contact me, it seems to work fine! Thank you, Alison ...

...just a few pointers on how the website works!..

it is primarily a 'look book', with self explanatory categories containing examples of styles that I have in the Peebles Shop... but more often than not, colourways that have already sold!.. 

because each item is individual and unique... and the volume of stock that is available at any one time... it isn't possible for me to keep current stock rotation on the website... so my aim is to provide examples of styles from time to time, in the lookbook, so that you can Whatsapp me to request photos of the current stock that is available to buy. I can then provide a one to one service to assist you with your purchase through Whatsapp!..

happy browsing!..